Creative Nonfiction Essays

“How We Echo,” Eastern Iowa Review (2017): 6. Republished online. 

“I Remember Winter,” We All Lived Here, Eastern Washington University (Spring 2017): online.

“On Doubles and Disease,” Rathalla Review (2017): 6-7.

“The Last of Our Unreasonable Customs,” The Cossack Review, (Vol. 4, Winter 2017) : 67-76.

“Quakies: Populus Tremuloides,” Rooted: an Anthology of New Arboreal Writing, ed. Josh McIver-Anderson. San Francisco: Outpost 19 Press (2016): 109.

 “This Earth Is Blessed: Do Not Play in the Holy Dirt,” Greater Sum (Winter 2017):11-17.

“Urban Foraging,” Coming of Age at the End of Nature: A Generation Faces Living on a Changes Planet, ed. Susan Cohen and Julie Dunlap. San Antonio, TX: Trinity University Press (2016): 43-49.

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“Espanola of Ill Repute,” Spokane Shorties, ed. Kevin Taylor. Spokane, WA: Gray Dog Press (2014): 8-10.

Afterthoughts of the Bloom,” Moon City Review, (2014): 46-51.

“A Left Turn from Albuquerque,” Outside In Literary Magazine, (October 2013): online.

“From First Rust” Composite Arts Magazine, (Spring 2013): 62-63.

“West Mesa,” Glassworks (Winter 2013): 1-3.

“Northwest and Inland,” Flycatcher: A Journal of Native Imagination (Winter 2013): online.

Nominated for Best of the Net 2013.

“Twilight for the Tinderbox,” Cactus Heart (Winter 2013): 1-3.

“The One I Did Not Smash,” Utne Reader (July/August 2012): 70-71. (solicited to re-publish).

“The One I Did Not Smash,” Sacred Fire (Spring 2012).

“We Shall Split at the Seams,” Rio Grande Review (Fall 2011): 16-19.

“Reading the Hold Life Has” Best Student Essays (2006).

“Numeral Identities,” Scribendi (2006): 18-24.







“A Curled Foot on the Gas Pedal,” Red Earth Review (2017): 7.

“Western Diamondback Rattlesnake,” The Kenyon Review, (Vol. XXXIX, May/June 2017): 69

“Spear Globemallow,” The Kenyon Review, (Vol. XXXIX, May/June 2017): 70.

“Santa Rosa, FL,” Saw Palm, (online map): Oct. 2016.

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"Tarantula Hawk Wasp," Kudzu Review, 4.3 Winter Solstice.

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“Trees Bare and Straining,” Weekly Alibi (December 5, 2013): 24.

“I Want to Believe” Cavalcade Literary Magazine (Summer 2013): 29-31.

“The Survivor Pronounces,” Cavalcade Literary Magazine (Summer 2013): 29-31.

“I. You. Question. Sonnet.” Emerge Literary Journal (Summer 2013): online.

“Lost Histories at the VLA,” Bosque Magazine (Fall 2012): 90.

“Higgs Boson,” Bosque Magazine (Fall 2012): 91.

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“kainsәr,” Scribendi  (2005): 78.



“Lesser Stripetail Scorpion,” Bennington Review.

“Ringtail Cat,” Bennington Review.

“Shh, Wind Is Rearranging the Mountains” and “At One of Two Foci” in "Image Poem Iraq" ed. Joel Preston Smith and Mary Bast.


Short Stories

"Tiger Salamander," Marry a Monster: Lilac City Fairy Tales Anthology #2.  

“Wintering Habits of the White American Male, Age 34,” Eleven Eleven  (2015 Issue 18): online.

“What Light Reflects, Diverges,” The Rumpus  (May 7, 2014): online.





Chapters and Articles

“Homo sapiens, All Too Homo sapiens: Wise Man, All Too Human,” Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council.

“Using Lionel Richie to Access the Real World,” Composite Arts Magazine , (Fall 2014): 6-9.

“How to Determine Truth,” (with illustrations) Authenticity.  ed. Shane Borrowman Southlake, TX: Fountainhead Press, 2013.


Non-Peer Reviewed and Editorial Works

“Esc” Column, monthly 2010-Present, Bark : online.

“Rebranding Enchantment,” New Mexico Mercury , January 2014

“Afterword,” Scribendi (2017): 99.

“Afterword,” Scribendi (2016): 124.

“Afterword,” Scribendi  (2015): 116.

“Afterword,” Scribendi  (2014): 116.

“Afterword,” Scribendi  (2013): 116.

“Foreword,” Scribendi  (2005): 6.

Interdisciplinary Scholarship

In Progress           “Enchanted Watermelon” coloring book for Safe House NM.  Collaboration with UNM Assistant Professor Matthew Rangel.

In Progress           “Look Under Your Feet, the Past Is There” Voice Actress for Badlands National Park, SD Audio Drama

2017                        “Poetic Routes” online, interactive poetic cartography of Albuquerque, NM.

2017                        “A Camp at Valles Caldera,” photographic series for Where Does Your Capital Lie? a book from National Monument Press.

2016                        “A Hole in the Breast,” original drawing on marbled paper, for Unstitched States, an online digital quilt ed. Gretchen Henderson and Allison Dalton with support of the Kenyon Review

2013                        “Bunnythulhu” sculptural installation on display in UNM Honors Forum and the Global Education Office.