Course Description

Perhaps for you the word research brings images of microscopes, bubbling flasks, or intrepid field biologists. We encourage you to broaden your understand of research. Think of it as any activity that leads to the formation of new knowledge: while this may involve working in laboratories, it might also involve

  • museums, archeological sites, oral history archives, and libraries
  • traveling to understand the influence of place on an authors’ work
  • conducting surveys or interviews
  • creating art work or new designs
  • exploring the influence of social trends on our built environment (or anything)

So research is the generation of new knowledge. It is something that is done in every scholarly discipline.

This class will bring UNM researchers from a broad array of fields (natural and physical sciences, behavior and social sciences, and even humanities!) to talk about their work. Some will be world-renowned, some will be undergrads working in labs or field work on campus. We will learn what these people do and why they love it. We will also investigate opportunities for undergraduate research. Students will also choose a topic and conduct a literature review that culminates in two papers: a popular magazine article and a professional paper. The projects may be chosen from any field: biology to dance. While any student may take this class, it is specifically intended to introduce students who are in the first two years to the research possibilities on campus. Because this is a writing and speaking core class, the assignments will provide experiences for the students to develop both writing and speaking skills at a professional level.