I am heading to Iceland to present at the Nonfiction Now Conference in Reykjavik. To prepare for my international travel, I set up a Google alert for headlines about Iceland. Here is the last month in headlines:

The miraculous story of Iceland

Iceland’s Water Cure

Outside Of Reykjavík: Mountains, Sagas And… Goats

Why Is Iceland So in Love With Licorice?

Icelandic Language At Risk Of Extinction As Robots And Computers Struggle To Understand It

Leiðarendi Lava Tube

The beauty of baking ‘volcano bread’ underground in Iceland

Iceland begins ‘Thor’ magma energy experiment

Hekla Volcano ready to erupt as a large earthquake rocks south Iceland

Glacier river floods over fields in North Iceland

Beer Baths to Open in North Iceland in June

How to Become Icelandic in 60 Minutes: Rude, Drunk and Boundlessly Optimistic

Iceland’s “unicorn” not the only unicorn found in Iceland

Two trolls are Iceland’s contribution to the Venice Biennale

Icelandic skincare made from sheep placenta on the market

Winter storms still raging in Iceland – Road closures and warnings around the island

Endless Summer in Iceland

Iceland Is Beautiful Except for the 2 Million Tourists

Fences put up at Skógafoss waterfall

A Plane Crash, A Glacier, And An Entrepreneur: How Icelandair Opened Up Air Travel For Everyone

Seagull flies from Iceland and back with an arrow in its chest

Iceland’s second oldest person: No key to longevity

Iceland’s ice bathing champion beats record

Why the constant earthquakes? Iceland is slowly being torn apart

Iceland’s president takes home “message in bottle” set adrift to show the movement of marine litter

Millions needed to save priceless archeological remains from coastal erosion

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